Rotativo led redondo carretilla elevadora

Rotativo led redondo magnético 12/24v para carretilla elevadora, tractor y maquinari de obra pública.

IVA no incluido


Shape of the light ball
Type of light rotating beacon
Total height (H1) (mm) 134
Total diameter (D1) (mm) 130
Diameter of the lens (D5) (mm) 116
Diameter of the base (D6) (mm) 120
Wire Length (L3) (mm) 630
Position of attachment multiple positions
Number of mounts 1
Type of mounting magnetic and suction cup
Minimum voltage (U1) (V) 12
Maximum voltage (U2) (V) 24
Number of connectors 1
Bracket present NO
Guard present no
Switch on/off present NO
Batteries operated NO
Batteries included NO
Batteries rechargeable NO
Bulbs included SI
Colour of the light white
Replaceable lens NO
Material of the lens plastic
Colour of the lens amber
Type of technologie LED
Number of LEDs 8
Power (W) 9
Car plug present YES
Backup alarm present NO
Explosion proof NO