Motor arranque carretilla elevadora Hyster

Motor arranque para carretilla elevadora diésel Hyster.

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  • Código de referencia: 20200353
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Starter type: standard
Type of head: Z
Voltage (V): 12
Power (kW): 2.15
Neck diameter D1 (mm): 89
Pinion diameter D2 (mm): 39.5
Number of teeth: 10
Direction of rotation of the pinion: clockwise
Overall length of the starter L (mm): 309
Distance between pinion and flange L2 (mm): 30
Distance between pinion and nose L3 (mm): 16.5
Distance drive cover (mm): 79
Number of holes: 3
Position of fixation holes: 50-10-20
Distances between fixation holes: 90-90-127
Diameter mounting holes D3 (mm): 10.5
Oil sealed: NO