Cinturón de seguridad carretilla elevadora

Cinturón de seguridad retráctil (que se recoge solo) para carretilla elevadora y retráctil.

IVA no incluido


Complete/part complete
Sort of seat belt 2-point
Type of seat belt 2-point type 1
Type of retractor automatic locking retractor
Housing of the retractor closed
Mounting of the retractor retractor type A
Length of the retractor L1 (mm) 92
Width of the retractor W1 (mm) 94
Height of the retractor H1 (mm) 56
Diameter mounting hole of the first retractor D2 (mm) 13
Lengthof the belt L2 (fully rolled out) (mm) 1250
Width of the belt W2 (mm) 47
Colour of the belt black
Type of tongue tongue type A
Outside length of the tongue L3 (mm) 41
Outside width of the tongue W3 (mm) 32
Thickness of the tongue T1 (mm) 3
Inside length of the tongue L4 (mm) 20.5
Inside width of the tongue W4 (mm) 3.5
Inside diameter of the tongue D6 (mm) 13
Type of buckle push release
Release system of the buckle top and side release
Mounting of the Buckle buckle type C1
Length of the buckle L5 (mm) 252
Diameter of the mounting hole of the buckle D7 (mm) 11.5
Hardware present SI
Support present NO
Bush present SI
Number of bushings 1
Outer diameter of bush 1 D8 (mm) 19
Inner diameter of bush 1 D9 (mm) 11.5
Length of bush 1 L7 (mm) 7
Airbag present NO
Seat belt buckle tensioner present NO
E-approved SI
SAE J2292 NO
ISO 6683 NO
ISO 3776 NO
DIR 77/541 NO
AS/NZS 2596 NO
JIS D 46604 II NO